As a homeowner, we are sure you’ve heard it before: the entry door sets the tone of a home’s first impression to visitors and other on-lookers. It could even be argued that a front door gets more attention than any other element of a home – considering all visitors that get the chance to inspect the door while waiting to be let inside. For this reason, along with many others, it is essential for homeowners to always keep their main entry doors clean, updated, and welcoming.

Since most homeowners often enter the house from other points – such as side doors, garage doors, kitchen doors, etc. – it is understandable how maintaining the appearance of a front door could be easy to forget. However, routine cleaning and maintenance is really all it takes to further the lifespan of entry doors so that every first impression is a good one. Read on to discover four simple tips to help keep your entry door looking and performing its best year after year.


1. Only clean your entry door with mild soap and water

Whether your entry door is made from wood, fiberglass, or metal, cleaning them regularly can prevent many signs of wear and tear including rotting, erosion, and rust. Taking the time to clean your entry doors at least once a month is a good rule of thumb for homeowners. And that holds true to sliding glass door tracks, too, which are often neglected from maintenance until it becomes difficult to open or close them. The best way to clean entry doors is with warm water, mild soap, and a soft sponge or lint-free cloth. It is important to avoid using harsh materials like steel or a scrubber brush while cleaning your exterior doors–especially painted doors–to prevent scratches and the protective coating from getting worn down.

2. Refinish your entry door

How often homeowners should refinish their entry doors will depend greatly on the weather in the area and how protected the door is from the weather. For example, doors that are hit by direct sunlight may fade or peel more quickly than doors that are less exposed. Furthermore, how to refinish the door will also vary based on the material. You could also consider adding extra UV protection to sliding glass doors or French Doors that absorb direct sunlight for long periods of the day. Considering the many variables that go into refinishing a door, the safest solution for homeowners is to contact a local door repair professional.

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3. Check your weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is a foam or rubber lining that runs along the bottom and sides of the door ultimately preventing outside air from entering and inside air from leaking out. This single element plays a key role in a home’s overall energy efficiency. In fact, correctly installed weatherstripping can save homeowners 5-10% on monthly utility bills.

While performing a routine cleaning of your entry door, remember to also examine the weatherstripping to identify drafts or sunlight coming through. Homeowners can easily do this by running a hand around its seams – if it is deteriorating, you will be able to feel a draft and become aware that it may be time for new weatherstripping.

4. Don’t forget the hardware

An exterior door’s hardware includes its locks, deadbolts, and hinges – elements that are commonly forgotten about when performing DIY routine maintenance. Even though these parts of an entry door aren’t as visible to the eye, it is still important to keep them clean and to make sure they are functioning properly. Tightening, lubricating, and replacing hardware as needed is crucial to the overall safety and structure of any entry door.

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