HomeRite Windows & Doors Installation Process

Window & Door Installation Information

Please rest assured that our installation team is licensed and insured, and take great pride in their work. This information will help you to help them do the best job possible. To help you understand what our professional installers will be doing, and what you need to know to prepare for their arrival, please view the document below.


At HomeRite Windows and Doors of Jacksonville, we are confident that with our combined industry knowledge and expertise, we can replace almost any window or door. Additionally, we are always here to make sure that our customers know exactly how to prepare for their window and door installations, along with what to expect on the day(s) of installation.

The Days Before Installation

Once you have selected HomeRite to help with your new or replacement windows and doors, there are a few preparation tips that we like to recommend ensuring that our installers are able to do their job efficiently.

    1. All windows and doors are easily accessible inside and out

In order for our team to perform the highest quality installation services, we require that customers have 2 feet of space between landscaping and house openings, allowing us easier access to window openings from the outside of your home. Additionally, furniture and other objects should also be cleared at least 2 feet from window openings for easy access from indoors as well.

    1. Make sure your pets are safe and secure

We recommend that our customers with any furry friends make sure their pets are secluded from the installation area to prevent any unwanted accidents.

    1. A clean work area

Our installers try to keep the construction area as clean as possible, but construction is inherently messy. Because a lot of the preparation is done at the job site, we will need an area where we can set up shop close to the work area. The driveway is usually one of the best choices. Make sure that your vehicles or other items that you may need from your garage are not going to be blocked in by our equipment while we are there.

The Day of Installation

The day has finally arrived! At HomeRite, our main goal is that you remain happy with your purchase from the beginning, during and once the job is completed. Customers can expect a phone call from one of our representatives to coordinate a convenient time for us to begin your installation. From there, our team will keep you updated to the best of our ability to assure a prompt, clean and professional job. We always strive to be as accommodating as possible. If for any reason you experience circumstances that prohibit our start date, give us a call and we will reschedule your job to a more convenient time.


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