If your home is five-plus years old and was built by a volume homebuilder, you probably have builder grade windows. Many home builders install a standard window which likely does not have Low-E glass or EnergyStar® ratings. Unfortunately, these types of windows may only last 5-15 years and do nothing to help you lower energy costs within your home. They may look okay, but over time, many parts begin to fail.

HomeRite offers EnergyStar® rated windows as well as Limited Lifetime and Glass Breakage warranty options. We stand behind our products and our customers are our #1 priority. Still, if you have windows that are in various stages of disrepair, you need to decide whether to replace or them. Here are some common problems that develop with windows and suggestions for how to proceed.

Repair or Replace?

If your windows are relatively new, you most likely will have some kind of warranty. Always check that out first, before making any decisions on repairing or replacing your windows. Otherwise, here are some ways to address the issues with your windows.

    • Broken glass – If the glass is the only part that is broken and the rest of the window is intact and in good working order, the glass may just need to be replaced.
    • Water leakage – Having a water leak in your window may be a fixable problem. Check your window seals, and if any of those are cracked, worn, or detached, you can have those replaced. If not, check to see if water from a sprinkler head or improper drainage is hitting the window directly. If you notice fogging or water inside the window that will not wipe off, you will need to replace the windows.
    • Mildew growing on the window, the window ledge, or condensation along the bottom of the window can cause allergies in those who are susceptible. Mold and mildew grow because of dust and moisture. If you clean your windows and the ledges regularly, it may take care of this nasty fungus. If it continues to return, you may not have a tight seal on the window. Try caulking and replacing the window seals.
    • Missing or broken hardware – This is a classic problem with builder-grade windows. It often starts as a squeaking noise when opening or closing the window. Eventually, you will begin to have difficulty operating the window, and it may become impossible. (Sliding patio doors are also notorious for becoming difficult to open or close.) If your windows or doors won’t open, close or slide anymore, HomeRite is here to help!
    • Feeling air coming in – If your windows are older or builder-grade, this means they are probably not energy-efficient. You may be able to replace the caulking to help with air leakage but replacing them may be the only option. If you opt for repairs, make sure you examine both the inside and the outside to ensure the best seal possible.

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