After purchasing and moving into a home, many homeowners often create a task list of upgrades or remodeling priorities to help make the house into their ideal home. The list might include pressure washing the patio, replacing landscaping or upgrading lighting fixtures. Another common to-do— especially in a home that was built 15+ years ago—is replacing the windows. HomeRite Windows and Doors is a provider of energy-efficient replacement windows that are perfect for Florida homes. Our installation process is second-to-none, meeting or exceeding Florida building code standards. We pride ourselves on providing great customer service before, during, and after installation. Our “after installation” service includes window care and maintenance recommendations in order to sustain the appearance and performance of the new windows. There are a variety of normal upkeep tasks that will help prolong a window’s performance, lifespan, ease of operation and will keep the window looking as great as it did when first installed. Read on to discover 5 window care and maintenance tips.

1. Examine your windows yearly

Performing an annual home inspection is essential for all types of proper home maintenance, including window maintenance. Doing so will help homeowners detect any flaws or imperfections while also preventing any further damage resulting from a minor issue. It is important for all homeowners to check the window’s operation (Can it be opened and closed easily?), sealant breaks (Is moisture or condensation building up between the panes?), and look for cracked or broken glass panes. Make sure to check every window, even the ones in low-traffic areas of your home. Due to the hot, humid climate and severe weather we experience in Florida, routine window inspections can save you from larger problems that may require significant amounts of window repair or even replacement down the road.

2. Take careful note of caulking around your windows

Window caulk is defined as a flexible construction material that is used to seal against air/water penetration. Basically, it is a component that will protect your home by keeping moisture out. If any piece of the window caulking is cracked or peeling away, it is imperative that homeowners get it repaired as soon as possible to prevent water or moisture entering the home. Even the smallest of holes or cracks can lead to an issue, which is why it is important for homeowners to closely inspect their window caulking on a regular basis.

3. Clean the window tracks and keep them greased

Believe it or not, clean window tracks are even more important than clean windows themselves. This is because outdoor elements can easily get inside the tracks causing windows to stall or become difficult to operate. It is recommended that homeowners routinely clean their window tracks with a dry brush to get rid of dirt and grime that has gathered over time, and ensure that the windows will continue to open and close with ease. Additionally, it is also important to make sure that window tracks are properly greased to also maintain smooth operation.

4. Monitor your window fit

HomeRite windows are custom measured for every job to ensure the perfect fit during installation. Unfortunately, all windows have an expected lifespan and you can expect repairs or replacement to needed years down the road. The older the home, the less likely that its original windows fit as perfectly as they did when installed. The daily rate of usage, fluctuating outdoor temperatures and constant exposure to Florida’s hot, humid weather all have an impact on the window’s performance and fit over time. It might be difficult for a homeowner to properly assess if a window fit is insufficient, so reach out to the experts in window and door replacement in order to get a professional recommendation.

5. Those who live near the ocean should take extra precaution

One of the best parts of living in Florida is being near the water. However, it is critical for homeowners who are closer to the ocean to be aware of what salt air and seawater can do to their windows. Any sort of salt spray can significantly damage window materials such as wood, fiberglass and vinyl. If your home is closer to the shore, you will likely see even more changes to your windows, meaning it is best to check 2 to 3 times a year rather than just annually to prevent severe damage.

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