Proper sealing of windows (and doors) is something that should never go unnoticed. Quality sealing will prolong your windows’ lifespan and keep out unwanted elements, contaminants and bacteria to ensure that your home environment is healthy and protected. Unfortunately, window seal failure is much more common than you would think and can occur for a number of reasons. That is why it is always important to be able to recognize the universal signs of window seal failure to know when it may be time for a repair.

What is a Window Seal?

Window technology has come a long way over the years. Nowadays, most windows are either double or triple pane with a seal around the borders to ensure an air-tight fit. Essentially, sealing your windows helps prevent air leaks while also keeping out moisture to ultimately reduce the amount of heat or air conditioning needed in your home.

Common Signs of Window Seal Failure

1. Foggy Windows

Have you ever found yourself trying to clean your windows but no matter what, they still appear dirty? This could be because your windows are holding in moisture between two panes due to improper sealing. Fogging, hazing or the presence of moisture between windowpanes is an indicating sign that window seal repair may be necessary.

Remember that sometimes normal window condensation can be confused with foggy windows. Every home is going to have fluctuating humidity levels that could cause condensation. For instance, taking a hot shower or cooking a meal in your kitchen could cause temporary condensation in your windows that will eventually disappear. However, when that condensation moisture gets trapped between your windowpanes, the result will be a cloudy appearance that is nearly impossible to mitigate without proper window repair.

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2. Drafts

Another easy way to determine if your windows need sealing repair is to check for drafty air near the area. One way to test this is to dampen your hands with water and hold them near the perimeter of your windows. If you are able to feel cool air coming in, it could be a sign that your windows need repair. When your windows are properly sealed, you will never feel any drafts.

3. Fluctuating Indoor Temperatures

Paying attention to the circulating temperatures inside your home is essential when determining window seal failure. No matter what the weather may be, you should always feel comfortable inside your home. If your home is properly ventilated and has strong insulation, the inside temperatures should never fluctuate. If they do, it could be a warning that your windows are not doing their job correctly.

4. Damaged Window Frames

Windows frames are known to show their age and are oftentimes one of the first ways that homeowners are able to detect signs of damage. Mold buildup along with chipped or peeling paint are common flaws that also suggest window seal failure.

The Benefits of Window Seal Repair

Properly sealing your windows can have a significant impact on your home. A few main benefits of window seal repair include:

  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced allergens and bugs entering your home
  • Longer lifespan for your windows
  • Lower energy costs
  • Improved efficiency
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Professional Home Window Repairs in Jacksonville

Windows play a major role in the comfort of a home, so it is important to always make sure they are performing to their best ability. HomeRite Windows and Doors is a top-rated window replacement, repair and installation company in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team ensures that your replacement windows are installed properly, and we also provide quick repairs for issues such as leaky windows, jammed windows and broken windowpanes. If you need window repair or replacement services, give us a call today.