Have you been noticing water leaking or condensation forming inside the panes of glass on your home’s windows? The truth is window leaks are one of the most common issues with homes, especially older homes, and can happen for a number of reasons. This is not an issue that homeowners want to ignore, because window leaks and moisture can cause all sorts of unwanted consequences such as rot and mold, electrical hazards, interior damage, and an increase in heating and cooling costs. As we all know, the summer season is known for frequent rain showers – especially living in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. Read on to learn about the possible reasons why your windows are leaking and the necessary steps to take to resolve the issues.

Common Causes of Leaky Windows and What to Do About Them

1. Missing or damaged sealant

Damaged sealant around your windows is one of the leading causes of window leaks at home. If you have begun to notice window leaks or moisture buildup inside, we recommend searching for missing or damaged sealant as one of the first steps in identifying the root cause of the problem. Contact a reputable window replacement company to repair or replace the faulty window. Upgrading the window itself or replacing the sealant will help improve the overall insulation of your home, making your living space more comfortable and keeping your energy bills lower.

2. Inadequate Window Installation

No matter how new your windows may be, if they have been poorly installed there is little you can do to prevent leaking. This is especially frustrating for homeowners who have spent money on new windows, just to receive inadequate installation. At HomeRite, our #1 advice is to hire a professional, experienced local window company with a skilled and knowledgeable installation team who can properly install your windows the first time around. We are proud to say that our Jacksonville windows and doors installation and repair services team are all licensed and trained with years of experience working in Northeast Florida.

3. Lack of Maintenance

Similar to other home appliances, windows and exterior doors require routine maintenance in order to remain in their best condition. Taking the time to inspect your windows and doors every year can prevent minor issues from turning into major issues. Other window care and maintenance best practices include cleaning your window tracks and checking they open and close easily.  

4. Age

Window products do have a lifespan, just like any other home product. If the windows in your home are 15-20 years old or more, it’s probably time to replace them with newer energy efficient products. The manufacturing technology, design, and materials used to make windows have advanced greatly over the years. You may be pleasantly surprised how the investment in replacement windows can pay for itself through future savings on your electricity bill. Contact us to learn more about today’s energy efficient windows and doors!

Choose HomeRite for Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows and Doors

Windows play a major role in the comfort of a home, so it is important to always make sure they are performing to their best ability. HomeRite Windows and Doors is a top-rated window replacement, repair and installation company in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team ensures that your replacement windows are installed properly, and we also provide quick repairs for minor issues such as leaky windows, jammed windows and broken windowpanes. If you need window repair or replacement services, give us a call today.