This winter is a great time to enhance your home’s energy efficiency with a patio door replacement by HomeRite Windows and Doors in Jacksonville, FL. Upping your home’s energy-efficiency game this season will help you save big and upgrade any outdated, hard-to-close sliding glass doors! We’re going to guide you on the benefits of energy-efficient replacement patio doors to help you make the best decision for your home, your family, and your wallet.

Minimize Heat Loss

Replacing old, worn out, hard-to-open or close sliding glass doors can help homeowners significantly lower their home’s energy consumption. Patio doors act as a seal to help separate the outdoor climate from the temperature inside your home. At HomeRite we offer Low-E (low-emissivity) glass as an option for our customers looking to lower their energy costs. Low-E glass works by reflecting the sun’s rays away from the window and preventing cooled air from escaping your home – a big help during the summer but also important during the moderate winter months here in Florida.

Natural Light

While we are on the topic of light, replacement patio doors also yield the benefit of allowing natural light into your home. More natural light throughout your home reduces the need to rely on artificial lighting, hence lowering your energy usage and bills. We have a great selection of multi-slide and bi-fold patio doors that can really increase the visual sightlines of the patio door opening, as well as the amount of natural light coming in. Some of our customers have replaced a traditional two-pane sliding glass door with a larger multi-slide patio door configuration that cover almost the entire wall. HomeRite also offers customizable decorative glass insert designs and etched glass for your new energy-efficient patio door. Enhance your home’s beauty while saving big!

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Old patio doors lose their ability to properly insulate your home, which continues to get worse over time as they wear down. This allows a considerable amount of warm or cool air to escape, which in turn causes your heating or cooling system to work double time. Like a domino effect, your energy bills increase. The superior energy-efficient patio doors from HomeRite Windows and Doors are built with durable materials, meant to last in the Florida climate and save you big over the long run.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Installing energy-efficient new patio doors aids homeowners in helping the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. HomeRite Windows and Doors is proud to hold credentials with the United States EPA and U.S. Green Building Council by providing high-quality ENERGY STAR rated windows and doors. We strive to deliver replacement patio doors that are not only beautiful and affordable, but also in compliance with Florida Building Code and modern energy standards.


In Florida, it’s very important to ensure that the windows and doors in your home are weatherproof, safe, and built to withstand even the most severe conditions. HomeRite’s patio doors are built with materials that are backed by the manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind during those harsh Florida storms.
Superior Energy-Efficient Patio Doors in Jacksonville, Florida

HomeRite Windows and Doors has proudly been a trusted window and door installation and replacement company in Northeast Florida for over 20 years. Ready to replace that old patio door and enhance your home’s energy efficiency? Contact us today for an estimate!