Just like leaving a cold glass of water outside on a warm Florida day, window condensation happens when the temperature on one side of the glass is significantly different than the temperature on the opposite side. While many homeowners may get frustrated with the appearance of this moisture on their windows, condensation is typically not a major cause for concern and can be helped by a few simple maintenance hacks.

What Causes Window Condensation?

For starters, having some moisture on your windows does not always indicate that there is a greater problem. The majority of the time, window condensation is simply caused by temperature and humidity. During the colder months, especially early in the morning, homeowners may notice moisture on the interior of their windows due to the warmth on the inside contrasting with the cold on the outside of the glass. In the warmer months, it will be the opposite.

However, if you have condensation on your windows that cannot be easily wiped away with a towel, that means that the moisture is between the panes—which is a warning sign of a larger issue.

How to Prevent Window Condensation

When it comes to window condensation, there are three main locations that the moisture can occur: inside, outside and in-between. Depending on where the moisture is on your windows will dictate what type of solutions you can try to prevent or fix the condensation. Once you have figured out where the condensation is forming, then you can try out these at-home hacks to prevent more moisture buildup:

1. Condensation on the inside of your windows

Condensation that appears on the inside of your windows is a sign that the humidity in your home is higher than the humidity outside. Cooking, showering, and even doing laundry can all affect the humidity levels in your home. Therefore, in order to stop moisture buildup on the inside of your windows, homeowners need to keep an eye on the relative humidity in their home. This can be done through purchasing an affordable humidity meter that are typically found at local home improvement stores.

A few easy ways to keep humidity levels down in your home include ensuring proper ventilation in areas that may need it the most, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room. Increase air circulation using ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and opening up your window drapes or shades so that heat is not likely to get trapped within the fabric.

2. Condensation on the outside of your windows

Moisture buildup on the outside of your windows occurs when humidity levels are higher outside than they are inside. This scenario is more likely to occur during summer months. Since it is related to the seasons, outside window condensation is much more common and usually does not indicate any problems with your windows or the temperature of your home. Oftentimes, once the sun comes out the moisture will dry up on its own without any further efforts. However, if homeowners are still frustrated by the appearance of outside window condensation, water repellant can be used to prevent this type of buildup. You can also cut back greenery away from the windows to help decrease moisture.

3. Condensation in-between windowpanes

Unfortunately, condensation located in-between your window panes is beyond anyone’s control. If you are noticing this problem, it is because of poor installation or glass seal failure and requires your windows to be replaced. Once condensation starts to appear in-between your windows, they will no longer be performing as well as they should be. This is why it is important for homeowners to contact a professional window company to further assess the windows and provide solutions to best fit your needs and budget.

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