Those who live in big cities or on major roads most likely endure loud traffic and noisy neighborhood atmospheres on a daily basis. This type of excessive noise can cause induced stress levels, a lack of sleep, and even make it difficult to focus for those who work from home. Installing replacement windows not only increases your home’s value, it’s also a great solution to reduce noise pollution in your home and provide added comfort to your living space.

Modern windows are all about insulation and quality materials. If you are experiencing an increase in noise pollution in your home, it may be because your windows are simply outdated or were poorly insulated from the beginning. Outside noise enters the home from around the windowpane, not just through the glass.

New Replacement Windows Are Made With Better Materials

Modern day window technology provides homeowners with an array of benefits, including noise reduction and energy efficiency. Once you have decided what operating style you prefer for your windows (single-hung, double-hung, or sliding for example), it is important to consider the various material options that contemporary replacement windows offer. Replacement windows are available in several types of materials, but vinyl windows are considered one of the best choices for the Southeast region and Florida, in particular.

  • Vinyl Windows — Vinyl windows are considered the most affordable window material on the market. For those who are looking for a low-maintenance window material option, vinyl windows may be the right choice for you. They provide long-lasting durability with little effort required, as well as outstanding insulation and energy efficiency. Vinyl material does not chip, rot, or fade in the sun and is known to have an unbeatable lifespan.

What Type of Window Glass is Right for My Home?

After you have found a window material that is the best choice for your home, you then want to choose your window glass. When it comes to reducing outdoor noise, adding more panes of glass to your window design will also add to sound-proofing your home. There are three main options to consider:

  • Single-pane glass

Single-pane windows have the least material; therefore, they will not do the best job at protecting your home from outside noise. If your home currently has single-pane windows this may be a causing factor for excessive noise.

  • Double-pane glass

Double-pane glass windows do a much better job at reducing noise than single-pane windows due to their extra layer of material. However, they are not considered the most effective. Double-pane glass windows are most suitable for those who live in a less busy community because they will reduce some noise but may not be the top option for those who live in crowded cities.

  • Triple-pane glass

Triple-pane glass windows will not only help to reduce outside noise, but also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. No matter where you are located, triple-pane windows will provide you with a peaceful environment as well as a comfortable living space.

Choose HomeRite for Your Window Replacement

HomeRite Windows and Doors is known as Jacksonville’s #1 provider of new and replacement window installation and repair services. HomeRite windows are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and are constructed with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Available in a variety of materials and styles, you can be confident knowing that our windows will help you achieve a beautiful, quieter, more energy-efficient home. Contact us today for a free estimate.