Is Home Door Replacement Something I Can Do Myself?

As many DIY shows have gained popularity, many of us have decided we really do have what it takes to fix things up! But is it really that easy? Do we have the proper tools and instruction to get the job done and get it done right? There is nothing more costly than doing something yourself and then having to call a professional to re-do the job. It can cause both frustration and your hard earned money. Adding a new door can add value and curb appeal to your home but only if it is done right. Problems from an improperly installed door can range from the loss of energy-efficiency due to gaps, to a more serious issue such as water leakage during a storm. A door that isn’t hung correctly could scratch floors and can even be an open invitation for theft or pests.

If you are seriously considering doing your own door replacement, let’s look at some pros and cons of replacing it on your own versus hiring someone experienced and trained to do the job.


How to Replace Home Doors:

There are many steps to replacing a front door. Here is a brief synopsis:

      1. Get an accurate measurement of the existing opening. This can get tricky because there are several factors to consider. Making sure you get it right is key to making this project work.
      2. Take off the trim, trying to salvage as much as you can as you may need it. Secondly, take out the hinge pins and unscrew the other half of the hinges. Remove the door, sill, jamb and door frame.
      3. Check the waterproofing and flashing. Most likely you will want to replace this.
      4. Next you will need to set the sill. Use a level to make sure the plate is even.
      5. Apply caulk and install the frame. Check that the frame is plumb and square, using shims as necessary. Nail the frame and hang the door.
      6. You will need to use a minimally expanding foam and caulk for insulation between the jamb and the frame.
      7. Add the interior casing and hardware.
      8. Finish up – if your new door is raw, you will need to apply a sealer.

For more detail on each of these steps, take a look here.

But what about just repairing the door? Could that be a better and easier solution? In some cases, yes, repairing your home doors can be a good temporary solution, however in most cases it’s more costly than just replacing the entire door. Door repair is usually not a good option as older doors can be warped or uneven. So just understand that in most cases, it’s best to just get your door replaced.


Who Can I Trust to Replace My Doors?

Door installation costs can be expensive even if you find someone to do the job for a cheap price. You made an investment in your home when you bought it so you want to make sure you protect that investment. A smart shopper will do their research on installation companies, making sure they have all the options you want. Take into consideration how long the company has been in business, what is their reputation and do they have good reviews. You want to make sure they carry energy efficient doors. There are many door installation companies available so do your homework.

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