Living in Florida has its fair share of perks – year-round sunshine, beautiful beaches and various activities and attractions. Unfortunately, Florida is also known for its hurricane season. Every year from the beginning of June through the end of November the threat of potential hurricanes is a reality for the state of Florida. With its long coastline and location, the sunshine state often finds itself in the path of intense Atlantic storms. If you are a Florida resident, it’s likely that this information is nothing new to you. And although there is no way to prevent a hurricane from hitting, there are several ways to protect yourself and your home from the damage of a storm. One of those ways is with impact resistant windows.

As we enter 2023 hurricane season, now is a great time for Florida homeowners to consider evaluating the security and protection that your existing windows are providing. If your windows show any signs of aging, your home could be at higher risk of storm damage. Read on to learn how installing impact windows from HomeRite is a great way to ensure year-round protection for your Florida home.

Impact Window FAQs:

What are impact resistant windows?

Impact resistant windows are manufactured to withstand high winds and forceful impact from flying objects and debris, making them far less susceptible to shattering from direct blows. They combine heavy-duty frames with multiple layers of impact resistant laminated glass, and a special silicone glazing process that helps keep the glass from breaking away from its frame. Installing windows that have the strength to endure various hazards is essential for Floridians to remain safe during extreme, and often unpredictable, weather conditions.

Who needs impact windows?

Homes along the beach or other waterfront areas may be required by Florida building codes to use impact windows during new construction or upgrade old windows in existing homes by a certain year. However, due to the often devasting effects of these storms, more homeowners are choosing to install impact resistant windows even if they are not specifically required to do so. Even if your home is not directly on the coast, it is strongly encouraged for all Florida homeowners to invest in impact windows to ensure protection from tree limbs and other debris that can become projectiles during hurricane force winds.

What are the other benefits of impact windows?

While hurricane protection is one of the most important benefits, impact resistant windows provide homeowners with a few other advantages, including:

  • Energy efficiency – Since impact windows are made with additional panels of glass, they are incredibly energy efficient and can help reduce energy bills all year round.
  • Noise reduction – Impact windows can significantly reduce outside noise transmission (dogs barking, lawn mowers, road traffic noise, etc.) from reaching inside your home.
  • Enhanced security – Impact resistant glass is a lot stronger than traditional window glass, adding more inherent security to your home.
  • Increased home value – If you live in a hurricane-prone area of Florida, upgrading to impact resistant windows is one of the best ways to boost the value of your home.

Quality Impact Windows and Installation in Florida

If you live in Florida, you know how important it is to always be prepared for hurricane season. Not only do impact windows provide valuable storm protection for your home, but they also offer several desirable benefits that help create a comfortable living environment year-round.

HomeRite Windows and Doors provide North Florida homeowners with quality impact windows and professional installation or repairs. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today!