Are you tired of looking through fogged glass in your home windows? Not only does it obstruct your view, but it could also be causing energy loss in your house. This common problem can have significant consequences for both energy efficiency and the overall appearance of your home.

A broken seal inside the window unit often causes fogged glass in windows. Insulated windows are manufactured with multiple panes of glass that are sealed together and filled with argon gas to reduce heat transfer. As the windows heat and cool over the years, they expand and contract, which can eventually break the seal. The result? The gas leaks out, and natural air, along with moisture, may get trapped between the panes, causing condensation and a foggy, hazy appearance over time.


Having fogged glass in your windows impacts the energy efficiency of your home as the insulating quality of the windows is compromised. The trapped moisture and replaced air don’t insulate as well as the original argon gas, allowing more heat transfer and possibly leading to higher heating and cooling costs.

Today, we’ll explore the causes and consequences of fogged glass in home windows and discuss the benefits of replacing them. At HomeRite, we offer professional fogged glass replacement services for homeowners. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency and maintaining your home’s appearance, contact HomeRite for a free estimate on replacing your fogged glass windows.

The Benefits of Replacing Fogged Window Glass

Opting to replace your foggy windows provides practical and aesthetic benefits for your home and family.

1.   Better Energy Efficiency

Replacing fogged glass improves the energy efficiency in your home because it adds insulation and keeps air from escaping. This effectively saves hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling costs.


With proper insulation, indoor temperatures remain stable, reducing the strain on your HVAC system. Repairing your fogged glass windows restores the insulating properties back to the original levels—or even higher, depending on the technology that’s used. The potential energy savings are enormous, contributing to a more sustainable way of living and reducing your carbon footprint.

2.   Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal

New windows enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while fogged glass can make your home look untidy and poorly maintained. Replacing them restores your view and gives your home an instant facelift. Beyond merely improving the look of your home, replacing fogged glass can significantly boost your property’s value. In today’s competitive housing market, one of the key factors that potential homebuyers consider is the condition of the windows. High-quality, well-maintained windows not only give the impression of a well-cared-for home but are an indication of energy efficiency, a quality many homebuyers value these days.

Professional Home Window Replacement in Jacksonville

HomeRite, a trusted Jacksonville window company, offers professional window replacement and repair services. When you contact HomeRite about foggy windows or broken window seals, our team will first evaluate the state of your window and determine the best repair or replacement options. We provide free estimates and competitive pricing.

Contact HomeRite Windows and Doors in Jacksonville today to get an estimate on fogged glass replacement, and enjoy a more efficient, comfortable, and beautiful home!