The holiday season is finally upon us! Enter cozy evenings at home with loved ones and much-anticipated holiday cheer. If you like decorating for the holidays, keep reading. We at HomeRite are not only professionals when it comes to window and entry door replacement, but also the maintenance and care that is required to keep them looking beautiful year after year. Patience and consideration are key to keep in mind before you start decorating your windows or front door. Let’s get into it!

First Things First

Clean your windows and doors! Cleaning the glass and frames beforehand will not only remove any dirt or oil that could hinder your decorating adhesive of choice, but it will also allow for your holiday decor to pop and shine. We recommend using four parts water to one-part white vinegar to create a natural cleaning solution. With a cotton or microfiber towel, clean the glass in a circular motion and use newspaper to buff dry and achieve a streak-free finish. Pro tip: wash your windows and doors on a cloudy, overcast day to avoid streaks and water spots caused by the Florida sunshine.

Suction Cups

To hang lighter decor like wreaths or bows on glass with ease, opt for suction cups with hooks. Be sure to check the maximum weight the suction cups can hold before hanging to avoid damaging your holiday decorations, or your windows and doors. While we are a premier choice for window and door repair, installation, and replacement in Jacksonville, Florida, we want you to preserve your existing windows and doors with care! These 5-pound suction cups with hooks from Home Depot are a great choice this holiday season.

Over-The-Door Mounts

If you want to drape festive garland above the entryway, an over-the-door mount might be just the ticket! You’ll want to be careful to choose one that has no nails or screws, with cushioning to avoid damage to the door frame or weatherstripping. Our best recommendation this season is this adjustable, heavy-duty garland hanger available on Amazon.

Fishing Line & Zip Ties

Using a fishing line to hang your holiday decor is an excellent way to create a floating decor effect. Fishing line is also one of the stronger materials that can allow for hanging heavier decor on your windows and doors this winter. Similarly, zip ties allow you to tie down heavier holiday decor without too much of an eyesore. These options are customizable, versatile, and hold weight allowing for a creative and damage-free display for your Florida windows and doors.

Command™ Hooks

Everyone’s favorite damage-free solution to hanging holiday wreaths on windows and doors is the versatile and weight-resistant Command™ hook. After all, you NEVER want to nail or screw anything into the window frame or door material directly. Use temporary hooks or adhesive that is especially designed for outside use and prevent damage when you remove it. We’ve found that Command™ hooks have quick and efficient removal when the time comes. These 4-pound Command™ hooks from Home Depot are a window and door installation favorite.

Time To Decorate

Now that it’s November and you’re equipped to safely decorate your home this holiday season, you are free to get your holiday decor going! We’d love to see your window and door holiday decorations – tag us on Facebook! And don’t forget, if you need new windows or entry doors this winter season, contact us for a free quote.