Do-It-Yourself projects are more popular than ever. Pinterest, Google and millions of DIY tutorials have made us all imagine ourselves as self-taught experts at all things. From fixing our cars to planning our own weddings to unclogging stopped-up pipes, there are no shortage of opportunities to learn how to do things we would otherwise pay someone else to do. But is DIY always the best way to go? No, certainly not when it comes to replacing your windows! Here are 8 reasons why installing replacement windows yourself may not be your wisest choice.

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Downfalls Of Replacing Your Own Windows

  • It is a monumental job—The problem with many of the self-help videos out there is that the person doing the teaching is usually a trained, experienced individual. Before your very eyes, you see the windows being installed, as if by magic. This gives you the confidence to do-it-yourself but not necessarily all of the skills needed to perform the task, successfully.
  • You won’t have a window warranty—This is a big one. Buying and installing new windows is an important investment. Without a licensed, trained professional installer, the warranty on the windows will likely be void. So, not only is the installation not warrantied, the windows themselves won’t be either. Is that a chance you want to take?
  • Making a mistake becomes your problem—What if you break the window while installing it? Or what if you install it incorrectly? If you hire someone to put the windows in, any mishaps that occur will be absorbed by them. Isn’t that a better scenario?
  • In addition to a lack of skills, most of us don’t readily have the required tools for this type of project—So, consider the costs of those tools when comparing to having the windows professionally installed. There’s a reason that installers are able to put those windows in so quickly; they have been trained to do so and have the right tools at their disposal.
  • Building codes—Most areas have building codes for window installation. These codes exist for everyone’s safety. The last thing you want to do is install windows, then find out under the stress of a storm that they don’t hold up or are costing you money in lost energy-savings each month because they weren’t installed properly.
  • Installing new windows often involves some repairs or replacement of the border areas of the window—This involves a process called cladding. Cladding is applying a layer of material for thermal insulation and protection against weather. This step is vital in safeguarding your home and the windows themselves.
  • Self-installation typically takes much longer—If you have unlimited time to work on putting in new windows, more power to you. However, most of us do not and we tend to grow impatient as tasks linger on and days go by. Having your home in disarray for a long time can be both frustrating, and sometimes costly. The longer the project goes on, the more chance you have that rain might come in through an unfinished opening and possibly damage other areas of your home. A professional can make certain your windows are done in a timely manner to protect against such catastrophes.
  • Your home is an investment—Poorly installed products can result in issues with the function of the windows, as well as the aesthetics of your home. It is wise to ensure that the installation is done right.

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Installing replacement windows yourself is a difficult, time-consuming, possibly detrimental, task. There are many companies out there that claim to provide quality, affordable window replacement. If you make the smart decision to use a professional, then go a step further and choose one that has a great reputation, years of experience and provides energy-efficient windows with lots of choices.


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