Thinking of Adding a Sunroom? Great Idea!           

Now, What Windows Should You Choose?

Florida is one of the best places in the world to add a sunroom. We have so much sun, but it is often not comfortable to sit outside. How do you enjoy the sun but not sweat to death or be carried off by a swarm of mosquitoes? Build a sunroom! Not only will you have a beautiful, cool space you can relax in, but you will also have added value to your existing home.

Experts say the average return on investment of a sunroom addition is about 50 cents on the dollar. If you plan to stay in your home for a few years, you’ll get both the enjoyment of your new sunroom now and a return on your investment, later! A sunny retreat will also provide you with additional space in your home that you can use for an office, playroom, reading area, or just a fun visiting area for family and friends.

Once you make a decision to add a sunroom, you need to choose what types of windows to use. Because there are so many choices, you’ll want to do your research. Windows play an important role in the comfort, style, and safety of your room addition. The last thing you want to do is to make an expensive mistake. When determining what type of windows to purchase, consider the direction of the room, the heating and cooling needs for the area, and how the room will be used.


The Best Types of Windows for a Sunroom:

The best window options for a new sunroom typically include the following features:

  • Large – You’ll want to use big windows in your sunroom; otherwise, it isn’t really a sunroom. This will create a nice, open, well-lit space where you can entertain guests, work or just relax while taking in the sun and the views.
  • Tempered Glass – Especially in Florida where storms can be an issue, you need sturdy windows to ensure a safe environment for you and your loved ones.
  • Energy-Efficient Windows – You’ll want to look for windows that are treated with a low “E” glazing system, like Energy Star-rated windows. Low “E” windows will keep your sunroom feeling comfortable and protect you from condensation build-up.
  • Hinged Windows – Hinged or casement windows are perfect for a sunroom. These kinds of windows open like a door so you can catch those refreshing spring and fall breezes.
  • Slider Windows – Slider windows are also an excellent choice for a sunroom. As the name implies, they slide open to the left or right making it easy on those days when you want to bring the outside in. You may also consider a glass sliding door so you can seal off your sunroom from the rest of the house.
  • Fixed Windows – If you aren’t interested in ever opening the windows in your new sunroom, then you may want to consider fixed windows. You can choose from a bay window or a bow window; both add beauty and charm to the room.
  • Double-Hung Windows – These windows provide double insulation for added protection from weather and noise. Double hung windows have foam insulation around the frame of the window. They are easy to open and close and provide an elegant look to any room.

In summary, you want to use strong, stylish, energy-efficient windows that meet all building codes, are functional for your specific needs, and aesthetically pleasing. As importantly, you want to choose an experienced window company with a proven track record of success and outstanding reputation for excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale.



HomeRite Windows and Doors is one such company. We stand above the rest with our commitment to quality window products and installation services. HomeRite partners with a family-owned Jacksonville window manufacturer with over 60 years of experience. We also show our dedication to ecologically sound practices through membership in the United States Green Building Council, a non-profit organization consisting of industry leaders who have pledged to use environmentally responsible principles. If you’re looking for new windows for your sunroom, give HomeRite Windows a call today at (904) 296-2515.