Living in Florida, you never really know what the weather will be like. Hurricane season officially runs between June to November. But it is important to always be prepared for strong, hazardous storms year-round. Hurricane impact windows are designed to offer your home superior protection from flying debris, high winds and other storm hazards. Impact windows combine heavy-duty frames with impact resistant laminated glass. To create impact windows, a silicone glazing and/or poly material is placed between two panes of glass to keep the windows from breaking due to strong, sudden impact. Read on to discover four major benefits of impact windows and how they will improve the value of your home.

4 Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

1. Storm Protection

Windows are the primary source of most household damage during storms, and every year there are numerous properties affected by hurricane-force winds. Hurricane impact windows help to prevent these potential threats to your home. These windows are specially designed to help your home withstand pressure from high winds, heavy rains and debris.

2. Improved Energy Efficiency

Not only do impact windows protect your home from dangerous wind, water and debris caused by storms, they also offer an insulating effect. Because of this, you are likely to see a decrease in your monthly energy costs after making the switch to impact windows. Today’s replacement windows, including impact windows, have far better energy ratings than windows installed even a decade ago. Click here to learn more about window energy ratings.

3. Noise Reduction

The laminated glass that heavy duty windows are made with also help to reduce outside noise. Those who live in a popular city or near a busy highway know how disrupting certain outside noises can be. Even those who live in quiet neighborhoods can also be distracted by the occasional leaf blowers and barking dogs. Impact windows will work to soundproof your home and create a more relaxing atmosphere indoors.

4. One-Time Installation

If you have dealt with plywood or hurricane shutters in the past, you know the hassle of setting them up and taking them down when necessary every hurricane season. Convenience is one of the key benefits that come with hurricane impact windows. They only require one-time installation and will provide continuous protection, even beyond hurricane season. Once your impact windows are in place, there is nothing more that you need to do!

HomeRite Impact Windows

HomeRite offers heavy-duty, high quality and energy efficient impact windows in a variety of materials and styles that are custom fit and manufactured for your home. All impact windows are held to a higher standard through rigorous testing to make sure they meet and exceed industry requirements, as well as additional tests that go beyond what is required.

HomeRite is showcasing new impact window models such as the 1620 Vinyl Single-Hung Window that is both stylish and efficient. They feature a beveled sash, insulated dual-pane glass, heavy-duty weatherstripping and operating arch-top configurations. The 1630 Vinyl Single-Slider Window is also an impact window option that features superior styling and handcrafted quality. This model offers two and three-lite configurations available for both new construction and replacement products displaying beveled exterior edges and an integral pull rail.

If you are ready to install hurricane impact windows in your home, you have come to “The Rite Place!”  HomeRite Windows & Doors has over 30 years of trusted experience and is the go-to company for energy-efficient windows. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.