Hurricane season is upon us. According to yearly forecasts, June 1st through November 30th is officially considered hurricane season and it is typically busiest between August and October. In Florida, this means we’re on high alert! Every resident, whether they live on the coast or in more central areas of the state, knows that hurricanes have the power and ability to cause serious damage to homes and businesses, and even pose grave danger to people who do not take precautions to protect their home from a hurricane. In light of this, we’ve put together our top 8 hurricane preparedness tips that will help you reduce the chance of serious damage or injury during a hurricane this year.


Hurricane Preparedness Steps:

  • Stock Up – Make sure you have a good stash of supplies that could be useful to you in case of a major storm. This includes items like flashlights, batteries, radios, tarps, bottled water, sealed snacks, a generator, etc. If you were thinking ahead (or you want to plan for next year) Florida offered a hurricane tax holiday from May 31 – June 6th this year.
  • Update Your Insurance – Don’t wait for a storm to approach, talk to your insurance agent about your insurance coverage and make sure you have enough coverage and the right type of coverage. In Florida, hurricane and flood insurance is often a necessity–your standard homeowner’s policy may not be enough to cover you in the case of major storm damage. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation offers some good advice and additional resources, on how to purchase flood insurance.
  • Cut Back Your Trees – In a hurricane, tree branches are a significant cause of damage. Cut back and branches that are over your home or directly in front of your windows. Additionally, check with a knowledgeable tree expert to make sure all the trees on your property are healthy and likely to make it through a storm.
  • Get Your Roof Ready – Check for loose shingles or any repairs that need to be made and have a roofer come out NOW. If a storm is imminent, use hurricane clips or straps to secure the roof to the frame of your home.
  • Secure Your Windows and Doors
    • Consider replacing your windows with impact-resistant windows. This type of glass doesn’t break into large, sharp pieces if damaged.
    • Replace broken windows which can let in wind and rain, damaging other areas of the house, causing mold and mildew, and increased pressure under the roof.
    • Consider investing in storm shutters. If you don’t have storm shutters, then board up your windows if a storm is coming.
    • Don’t worry about taping up windows – This is a waste of time.
    • Make sure all windows and doors are locked (including deadbolts) and secured on all sides of your home.
    • Check the weather sealing on your doors.
  • Secure Landscaping and Patio Furniture – Strap down or store patio furniture and any large pots so they don’t become dangerous missiles in the middle of a hurricane. Any smaller items in your yard should be picked up and kept in a shed or garage.
  • Secure Your Garage Door – Standard garage doors are easily damaged during a hurricane. Check out the metal reinforcement kits available that let you strengthen your garage door. Like all of your exterior doors, check the weather sealing on your garage door to make sure it doesn’t let water in your garage.
  • Take a Video Inventory – Walk through your home with a video camera (or even your phone if you can take videos) and take an inventory of all important items. This can make it much easier to file any insurance claims if needed.

As you can see, there are enough things to think about in case of a hurricane—low-quality windows and doors shouldn’t be one of them. HomeRite Windows and Doors offers a wide selection of high-quality, fully-warranted impact windows and doors, designed to withstand Mother Nature’s fiercest challenges. We offer quick, professional installation and affordable financing. We serve all of Greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

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