Your choice of replacement windows can make a significant difference in your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. Today’s window features go beyond the basics, offering advanced technologies and customizable options that can enhance the overall performance and appearance of your windows. These features range from ENERGY STAR ratings to Low-E coating with argon gas, blinds between the glass, and customizable exterior trim colors and configurations. Discover how advanced replacement window features can significantly transform your home.


The ENERGY STAR rating is an essential replacement window feature you might not consider unless you understand how it relates to your home energy bill. As the global symbol of energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR certification on windows signifies that they adhere to the highest standards of performance and energy conservation. The ENERGY STAR program certifies many types of products that meet strict energy-efficient specifications. A residential replacement window with an ENERGY STAR icon means it has passed rigorous testing and meets stringent performance standards.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR-Rated Windows

Replacing your windows with ENERGY STAR-rated ones offers several benefits. First, they better retain the indoor temperature which can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Additionally, these types of windows help protect your interior from harmful UV rays, which can fade furniture, carpets, and window drapes.

2. Low-E Coating and Argon Gas

Another feature worth looking into when selecting new windows is the Low-E coating combined with argon gas. These two elements, when combined, work together to create a dually efficient window system that not only helps reduce energy costs, but also enhances the comfort level of your home’s interior environment.

How Low-E Coating Improves Energy Efficiency

Low-E, or low emissivity, coating is a thin layer of metallic oxide that’s applied to the glass surface of a window. This coating reflects heat back to its source, hence reducing heat loss during cold months and preventing heat gain during hot months. It also blocks harmful UV rays from the sun, helping to protect your interiors from fading.

Benefits of Argon Gas for Window Performance

Argon gas insulates to improve a window’s thermal efficiency. This inert, non-toxic gas is denser than air, providing better insulation because it reduces the amount of heat that can pass through the air space between the window panes. Combined with Low-E coating, argon-filled windows can optimize your home’s energy efficiency, effectively decreasing your heating and cooling costs while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year.

3. Blinds Between the Glass

Blinds between the glass is an innovative window design with built-in blinds situated between two panes of glass. This optional feature eliminates the need for external blinds or curtains, streamlining your window design and reducing dust accumulation. The encased blinds are protected from dust and damage, and they can be easily adjusted to control light and privacy. This feature proves beneficial in rooms where minimal maintenance, light control, and privacy are important, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Customization Options

In addition to the functional advantages, blinds between the glass also come in various styles and colors, allowing you to match them with your existing interior décor. Whether you prefer a classic white, a warm wood tone, or a bold color, you can customize your blinds to fit your unique style and aesthetic preferences.

4. Customizable Exterior Trim Colors and Configurations

The exterior trim color and configuration of your windows can greatly impact your home’s curb appeal, making customizable options a feature worth considering. Choosing a replacement window trim color that complements your home’s exterior can bring the entire look of your house together. Similarly, the configuration or layout of the grid pattern – or going without a grid completely – can also enhance the replacement window’s visual style. There are a wide range of trim colors and grid patterns, allowing homeowners to curate a look that aligns with their specific aesthetic preferences and home design. These options allow you to add character and appeal to your home, making your windows a focal point rather than a mere structural necessity.

Jacksonville Replacement Windows from HomeRite

Finding the right replacement window features requires balancing your practical needs, aesthetic preferences, and budget. While some features may require a bigger upfront investment, they could pay off in the long run through increased home value, energy savings, and improved comfort. Contact HomeRite Windows and Doors in Jacksonville, FL, for a consultation and free estimate for replacement windows!