Vinyl Double Hung Windows


Our Windows are designed not just for beauty, but are built to last. State-of-the-art technology is used to create clean window lines that will improve your home’s appearance. Using the highest quality materials and sophisticated manufacturing techniques, we produce well-built, strongly constructed, easy-to-install windows that will provide years of comfort for your family.

DP 50 Rated Double Hung


Technical Detailsdistinction-vinylDH

  • Stylish welded mainframe design with a full 3 1/4″ frame depth assures structural integrity and durable construction.
  • Foam insulation wrap on the frame provides weather tightness.
  • Envirosealed glass system reduces heating and cooling costs, deadens sound and provides increased comfort. Standard Double Strength Glass Package for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Spring-loaded night latches add security while allowing both window sash to remain partially open for ventilation.
  • Patented detent clip prevents the top sash from drifting; easier to close and lock the window.
  • Interlock for unsurpassed weather tightness.
  • Heavy-duty, white weather-stripping creates a barrier to air and water infiltration; prevents drafts and assures a tight fit.
  • Steel reinforced meeting rails for increased strength and weather tightness.
  • Both sash are exterior glazed and aesthetically beveled to the glass for an elegant design and appearance.
  • True sloping sill design allows water run off to the outside of your home.
  • Reinforced sashes to withstand DP Requirements

Enviroseal Spacer System.

Steel reinforced meeting rails for increased strength and weather tightness

Decorative mortised recessed locks close in opposite directions to create a tighter seal.

Patented constant-force stainless steel coil balance system and locking pivot bar shoe provide for easy sash operation and removal

Color and Styles

Color Combination Options:



Interior Grilles:

HomeRite offers a choice of flat or contoured to complement your home’s exterior and interior appearance.



Interior Grid Styles

HomeRite offers a variety of grid style choices to further enhance the custom look of your home’s exterior and interior appearance.



Glass Options

HomeRite offers you a choice of clear glass or obscure glass- perfect for bathrooms or anywhere both privacy and light are desired. *Tempered safety glass also available and may be required.