Look around at the entry doors of your home, are they worn out and marked from years of use? There’s the front door that no longer seals well, the back door that is covered in scratches from the dog, and the sliding glass patio door that is nearly impossible to open/close. It’s easy to put off old door replacement, but it’s also costing you money.

Your Old Doors Are Costing You Money and Comfort

Entry Doors are one of the most used structural components of your home, it’s no wonder they wear out and need replacing. They are also some of the most important components as they are the gateway to your comfortable and climate-controlled space. Don’t settle for an entry door that merely closes and locks; it must seal as well. 

Doors that no longer seal are allowing air to leak out. Not only does this increase your energy bills, as your HVAC unit works harder to maintain your home’s temperature, but it also lowers the temperature consistency and comfort level throughout your home.   


5 More Reasons to Replace Those Old Doors Today

It’s not just about money, there’s many reasons to let HomeRite help you today:

  1. Increase your Home’s Value:
    Replacing your doors will not only save you now, but is an investment in the value of your home. If that time to sell ever does come you will be happy you upgraded the doors of your home.
  2. Keep out Those Pesky Florida Insects
    Florida’s wet and humid climate makes it a cozy home to thousands of species of insects. The amount of rain that falls here drives those bugs indoors in search of dry ground. While there are many ways they can get in, we’d all like to scratch “front door” off the list! 
  3. Block out Noisy Roads and Areas
    Jacksonville is growing rapidly, which means many neighborhood roads are becoming more congested with busy traffic. You would be amazed at the noise that our modern entry door products can block out.
  4. Restore your Home’s Original Beauty
    Many homeowners renovate a kitchen or bathroom in order to freshen up the home’s charm—but don’t forget about curb appeal and the fact that front door is often your guest’s first impression.  What kind of impression does your front door make? There are so many beautiful entry door styles available that we are sure to have just the right style to suit your home.
  5. The HomeRite Free Quote
    Ok, you’ve waited long enough. You’ve made the right decision to replace those old doors, but let us help you. HomeRite Windows and Doors has been trusted by Northeast Florida homeowners for over 30 years. Call us at (904) 296-2515 today for a complimentary quote or fill out a contact form.