Florida weather is known for being unpredictable, and locals understand that their home may only be as strong as their windows. Impact windows are a must for Florida coastal homes when it comes to protecting your home from severe weather during hurricane season. They are also beneficial for those who live in West and Southwest Jacksonville areas because impact windows protect your home during strong winds and flying debris during other strong storms like tornados. So, the question is: when is the right time to install impact windows in your Florida home?

Impact windows should be installed during the spring and early summer

Florida’s annual hurricane season begins in June and lasts throughout the end of November, so it is best for Florida residents to install their impact windows during the spring and early summer to ensure their homes are safe and secure before the yearly storms start to roll in. This is an ideal time of year for installation because the weather is warm but will not be unbearably hot yet. Furthermore, installing impact windows in the spring and summer can help you to avoid cold rushes of air entering your home while your old windows are being removed and replaced.

Early installation will prevent any further damage from old windows

Impact windows are an investment, but they are also a necessity for many Florida areas. Older windows will often begin to show warning signs such as air and water leaks, outdoor noise pollution, an excess of condensation, and difficult operation—to name a few. All of these signs can cause significant damage to the interior of your home, especially if a storm occurs. Installing durable, impact windows is a great investment that will end up saving you additional damage costs in the long run.

Impact windows provide a variety of added benefits

In addition to protecting your home from strong winds and storms, installing impact windows in Florida will increase the value of your home in a variety of ways. Modern impact windows will significantly reduce the noise pollution in your home to create a calm and quiet indoor living space. You will also start to notice a decrease in energy costs after installing replacement impact windows because they are extremely energy efficient, keeping your home warm during the winter months and cooler during the summer months.

HomeRite’s impact windows will help you protect your home from the Florida extreme weather. Our heavy-duty, high-performing, energy-efficient impact windows are made from high-quality materials and are custom fit and manufactured for your project. If you are ready to purchase replacement windows and make the switch to impact windows, now is the perfect time to do so. Contact HomeRite Windows & Doors to get a free estimate today!