Your home is probably one of the most important spaces in your life. It’s where you begin and end your days, spend time with family and friends, and make memories and traditions for years to come. As many people are spending more time at home than ever before, home improvement projects and renovations are on the rise. Replacement windows offer homes a number of benefits such as improved energy efficiency, enhanced home security, reduced dust and allergens, noise reduction, and increased home value.

There’s no doubt that those who are looking for replacement windows are also expecting professional installation services that they can trust. At HomeRite Windows and Doors, our team specializes in expert replacement window installation services that exceed our client’s expectations. We have over 30 years of experience in Northeast Florida offering industry-leading warranty protection and superior installation processes. We’re here to help you decide which windows and/or doors will best beautify your home while considering energy efficiency, price, and features!

Read below or download the HomeRite Windows Installation Process & Procedures Guide

What to Expect and Prepare for Replacement Windows:

Our main goal is that you remain happy with your purchase of HomeRite Windows from the beginning, during, and once the job is completed. Once your new windows come in from the manufacturer, a customer representative will call you in advance of the installers’ arrival to coordinate a convenient time for us to begin your installation. On average, those looking to replace a house full of windows (15-20 windows), can expect a full day to two days’ worth of installation.

5 Steps to Prepare for Window Installation:

Before installation day arrives, there are a few basic tasks that homeowners should do to reduce complications or delays:

    1. Trim back landscaping near windows – We often find that landscaping around mature homes can become overgrown and may block access to window openings. To help us do a quality installation, we require a 2 ft. space between landscaping and each window opening. You may want to transplant delicate landscape items away from the work area during this process.
    2. Move or cover nearby furniture and electronics – Once the team begins removing your old windows, there will be a period of time when there is a direct opening to the outdoors. It’s smart for homeowners to cover or move TVs, computers, and furniture that are close to the window openings. Again, our installation crew requires an open work space at each window.
    3. Remove window coverings – Coverings such as draperies and blinds must be removed from all windows that are being replaced. We do not take responsibility for window covering removal, reinstallation or damage.
    4. Contact your alarm security – To avoid delays or other window alarm issues after we have completed our job, we recommend that you contact your alarm company several days ahead of our arrival. All alarm contacts will be removed from existing windows. The alarm company will have to reconnect the alarm contacts to your new windows. Please let us know in advance so that our installers will keep the contacts for you.
    5. Secure You Four Legged Friends – It is best to arrange for pets to be secured or cared for at a separate location during the installation process to avoid disruptions and make sure everyone at the job is safe. Most dogs are protective of their territory, and that’s a good thing. However, they won’t understand that we have been invited to your home.

As always, a professional and experienced crew will do everything they can to ensure that your home and belongings do not get damaged during window replacement installation, but accidents do happen. The best way to make sure everything runs smoothly is to protect your property. Our expert installers will come prepared with drop cloths and plastic to protect the work areas, but it is always good to bring awareness to particularly delicate surfaces that they should be extra cautious around.

Choose HomeRite for Replacement Windows

At HomeRite Windows and Doors, our clients can rest assured knowing that our installation team is licensed and insured and take great pride in their work. We have built a reputation on providing the best residential and commercial window and doors in Jacksonville, and we are ready to help you with your next project. If you are looking for excellent window replacement installation services in Northeast Florida, contact our office today.