The weather is warming, and cooler days are becoming fewer and fewer. It’s time for spring cleaning. At the top of your “to-do” list should be home maintenance and repairs, including for all windows and doors.

It is best to perform your annual maintenance and repairs before the weather becomes too hot. Folks in Jacksonville and all across Florida are well aware how the heat can deteriorate the outsides of their homes and cause excessively high electric bills. Your windows and doors are vital to your home’s appearance, security and energy-efficiency and should not be ignored.

In light of this, here is a spring home maintenance checklist for your windows and doors. In it are some helpful tips for how to go about cleaning and inspecting your windows and doors to ensure they are in proper condition.


checkmark icon How to Clean Your Windows and Doors:

Your first step in spring home maintenance for windows and doors should be to clean them thoroughly. This is not only for optimal appearance, but also closer inspection to assess the need for maintenance, repair or replacement.

    • For Windows — Use a sponge and a soft, dry cloth. Use a window cleaner (choose one with no scouring agents) or just water to clean the window pane, window casings and sliding door tracks. Use a lint-free cloth instead of paper towels to avoid leaving lint on the glass.
    • For Entry Doors and Patio Doors — If you don’t routinely clean your exterior doors, then get ready for a very dirty towel by the end of this! Avoid using paper towels if you can. Before you start, consider the finish of your door. For stain finishes, using a furniture polish is a better choice than soap and water. For painted doors, make sure you dilute your soap, or else it may damage the paint.
    • For Glass Doors — To remove dust, wipe down both sides of the glass with diluted dish soap and water. Dry with a lint-free cloth. If preferred, you can use a glass cleaner on both sides of the door and dry with paper towels. Do not use an all-purpose cleaning spray, as this may leave streaks.


checkmark icon Inspecting Your Windows and Doors For Repair or Replacement

    • After cleaning, inspect each door and window — Look for windows that are broken, are hard to open or won’t open at all. Make sure to take notice of any loose nuts and bolts; rotten wood; loose, torn or rotted weather stripping; chipped paint; or other defects.
    • Tightening screws, nuts and bolts may help some of your windows work better. Lubrication of the working parts of the window may enable a smoother movement and restore your windows to working order. Windows and doors should fit snugly within their frames but should not be difficult to open, or stick. If the hardware or windows cannot be repaired or still seem to not open correctly, contact a professional for help.
    • Weather stripping is the rubber sealant used on the moveable joints of doors and windows, such as window tracks and door sweeps. This product can become torn, dislocated or rotted over time. Replacing the weather stripping is usually the best option, rather than attempting to repair it. It’s an inexpensive fix and relatively easy to do. The Northeast Florida heat and rain can do quite a number on weather stripping, which serves to help provide a tight seal on doors and windows, and prevent the elements from getting in. Make sure to keep yours in great shape.
    • Check all window and door locks. If they are loose but do not seem to be associated with loose screws or bolts, you can disassemble the locks. If this makes you uncomfortable, call a professional for help. Your locks are only secure if they work right!
    • Caulk is the sealant used for the fixed edges around windows and some doors. It can become cracked or dislodged and should be replaced to maintain efficient sealing. If this proves to be a more extensive job, you will need to hire a professional.


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