The History of HomeRite


Add beauty, elegance and value to your home with HomeRite Windows and Doors.

HomeRite is a window and door dealer that specializes in energy efficient, quality windows with warranties and service to match. HomeRite Jacksonville was founded in 2005 by a couple of local boys, and now co-owners, Richard Walden and Gates Dearen, but their experience in the industry dates back much farther. Richard went to work for Kinco (A major Jacksonville based window and door manufacturer/vendor) in 1979.  Gates followed shortly thereafter in 1981. During their thirty-plus years of business, they have garnered a loyal following of customers. In fact, it is this family of satisfied clients who are responsible for our success- as eighty percent of our business comes from word of mouth! “We couldn’t be more appreciative, and thank them for their trust and confidence in recommending us to their friends and families.”

We have partnered with a manufacturer that has been family owned and operated with over 60 years of experience. Over the span of these 60 years, the window and door industry has changed a great deal and our manufacturer has stayed at the forefront of those changes through design, quality, customer support, and energy issues.

It is important to us to have products that we feel are of high quality, are energy efficient, and are of added value to our clients. To ensure this, we have aligned ourselves with several organizations that we feel are good measures of this. We are also members of the United States Green Building Council, a non-profit organization comprised of leaders across the industry working to advance environmentally responsible buildings.

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