Patio doors play an important role in how a home looks, feels and functions – and there are a variety of styles that homeowners have the option of choosing from. Whether you are looking to create a larger space for gathering and entertaining or bring in more natural light to your living space, a patio door will give your home a complete transformation with a number of added perks. The question is, which patio door style will work best for your space? The answer to this question will vary from homeowner to homeowner, and it is always best to consider all your options before making a final decision.

Let’s take a look at one particular patio door style that has been especially popular over the past few years: the folding glass patio door.

What Is A Folding Glass Patio Door?

Also known as bifold patio doors or accordion patio doors, folding glass doors open and close in the same fashion as an accordion. They are typically made up of three or more panels that are connected to fold open and closed. This undeniably stylish patio door style creates a beautiful wall of natural light when closed, and a wide, spacious connection to the outdoors when open.

Benefits Of A Folding Glass Patio Door

The unique, contemporary design of a folding glass patio door will provide your home with a number of benefits:

1. Eye-catching design

There is no question that a bifold patio door will turn heads. This bold design will give your home a gorgeous focal point and enhance the aesthetic of your space. Not to mention, choosing from HomeRite’s extensive finish and hardware options will make your folding patio door that much more desirable.

2. Ideal option for indoor/outdoor living

When it comes to versatility, you cannot compete with a folding glass patio door. Not only can you enjoy a seamless view when closed, you will have the opportunity to expand your entire living space when opening up to an outdoor patio. Those who appreciate the beauty of the outdoors will not be disappointed with this style choice.

3. Modern aesthetic

Folding glass patio doors are perfect for those searching to add a little contemporary flair to their home. The sleek design paired with a modern color palette is all it takes to completely transform your space.

4. Easy Operation

Even though this style may seem complex, bifold patio doors are surprisingly simple to operate.

5. More natural light

Last but not least, folding glass patio doors will bring in a significant amount of natural light into your living space. Their “wall of glass” appearance will definitely brighten up any room.

Where Is The Best Place To Install A Bifold Patio Door?

Family rooms and kitchens will likely be the most ideal rooms to add a bifold patio door. This is because both those spaces will typically lead to a patio or outdoor entertaining area, allowing the folding glass to truly expand your space creating a smooth connection between the two.

Are Folding Glass Patio Doors Customizable?

Folding patio doors can be custom made and have a wide range of configuration options. We offer the highest-quality patio door options including fiberglass, aluminum clad wood and vinyl, as well a numerous glass, hardware, and finishing options. Euro-Wall is one of our preferred patio door manufacturers for high-quality folding patio door systems. Watch this video to see some of their door products.

Whether you are building a new home or looking for a replacement patio door, you can trust that our design experts can help you create personalized patio doors that meet all your standards and expectations.

Choose HomeRite for Your New or Replacement Patio Doors

HomeRite Windows and Doors’ extensive selection of patio doors can help transform your home and bring the outside in. Our Jacksonville window and doors installation team is the best in the industry with years of experience working in Northeast Florida. If you are looking for a replacement patio door for your home, we encourage you to contact our office today!