Aluminum Slider Windows


Premium features and impact resistance makes HomeRite’s attractive Pinnacle windows a superior choice— especially in high winds. Available in both aluminum and cellular construction, Pinnacle windows are designed to resist impact from wind-borne debris, protecting the inside of a home in a storm. The clear poly material sandwiched between two sheets of glass helps the windows to remain intact, keeping air and water out. In addition to impact resistance, the windows boast a variety of convenient and energy-saving features.


Technical Details

  • 2” Frame Depth with pinnacle-aluminum-sliderSide-Loaded Sash
  • Double Pane Impact Glass Products are Available in Clear, Grey, Bronze and with Low-E
  • Custom Sizing Available
  • ½” Front “Florida Flange” and Fin Version Available for Wood Framing
  • Exterior Glazed Frame and Sash
  • Precision Bearing Stainless Rollers –Protecting against corrosion
  • 2” Sill Height to Help Prevent Water Intrusion
  • Sweep Lock System at Meeting Rail for Security
  • Interlock System Creates Tight Seal
  • Half Screen Available


Color and Styles

Color Combination Options:



Interior Grilles:

HomeRite offers a choice of flat or contoured to complement your home’s exterior and interior appearance.



Interior Grid Styles

HomeRite offers a variety of grid style choices to further enhance the custom look of your home’s exterior and interior appearance.



Glass Options

HomeRite offers you a choice of clear glass or obscure glass- perfect for bathrooms or anywhere both privacy and light are desired. *Tempered safety glass also available and may be required.