While window cleaning is not everyone’s favorite household chore, it can be one of the most impactful, visually, to both you looking outside as well as curb appeal of your home. When windows are left uncleaned, over time they will begin to accumulate dirt and grime both inside and out, resulting in fogginess that hinders views to the outdoors. Achieving spotless, shining windows requires more than just a simple wipe down. Read on to discover 5 common mistakes to avoid while cleaning your home windows to ensure the brightest, most spotless views.

1. Not Dusting Beforehand

Before you get started with cleaning your home windows, lightly sweep a dusting wipe over the surface of the window to remove dirt or dust off of the glass and frame. This will ultimately prevent streaking and prevent dirt buildup from turning into a larger mess when mixed with window cleaner. Furthermore, the act of regular dusting your windows will also prevent the need for repetitive deep cleaning. It is good for homeowners to get into the habit of routine dusting not only to make your window cleaning an easier process, but also for the health of your home and family.

2. Cleaning Your Windows on a Sunny Day

If you’re planning on cleaning your windows, it may be smart to check the weather forecast beforehand. Surprisingly, cleaning your windows on a hot, sunny day can actually be a hinderance to the cleaning process. This is because the warmed glass may dry your cleaning products too quickly, leaving behind a smudged appearance. Window professionals always recommend cleaning on a cloudy day to give yourself a little more time before the product dries to get the job done effectively.

3. Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

A good, quality window cleaner will remove dirt and grime from the glass with ease without leaving any streaks or bubbles behind. While the majority of households hold a number of cleaning supplies for multi-purpose use, it is essential to add a cleaning product that is specifically meant for glass to your collection. Using a cleaning product that is too harsh can end up causing more streaks along with other issues with your windows’ appearance.

4. Improper Drying Techniques

Along with dusting and using the right products for your windows, knowing how to correctly dry your windows will make all the difference in terms of achieving superior results. When it comes to drying your windows, the material matters. While everyday rags, paper towels and microfiber cloths may be your go-to choice for wiping down your home windows, they are actually much better for dusting than cleaning. To ensure that your windows do not fog up or get streaky, it is recommended to use a squeegee – a cleaning tool with a flat, smooth rubber blade that is used to remove excess liquid on flat surfaces after washing. Using this type of tool will especially help get the job done for larger window areas.

5. Forgetting to Clean the Outside

Windows play an important role in a home’s curb appeal. After all, the exterior of the window is where the majority of the dirt may be accumulated. It’s important to remember to give the exterior of your windows just as much care as you do the inside to make your home shine.

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