First impressions are everything. Entry doors are the focal points of a home that work to enhance their surroundings. Generally, they are the first thing that people will see when approaching a home. Not only should your front door represent your personal style, it should work to keep out any unwanted elements and ultimately keep your home as comfortable as possible. This is why fiberglass entry doors have become a top choice among homeowners in Florida.

Durability and strength are just a couple of the unique attributes of a fiberglass door that appeals to many, and the style options are unbeatable. Fiberglass doors are high performing, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing —the best of both worlds! Discover 4 key advantages of fiberglass entry doors and how they will help keep your home secure, budget-friendly and stylish for years to come.

1. Fiberglass Entry Doors are Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficiency is often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a fiberglass entry door. Front doors that are poorly insulated are one of the leading causes of energy loss, leading to an increase in utility bills and discomfort in your home. Drafts, moisture and loss of heat are all results of poor energy-efficiency, and will damage your home’s interior over time.

No matter what weather conditions your home undergoes, a fiberglass front door will adapt to different temperatures, preventing any unwanted consequences to the inside of your home. High-quality fiberglass is one of the most energy-efficient materials on the market, featuring insulated cores to protect your home from extreme temperatures or weather.

2. Fiberglass Entry Doors are Durable & Require Low Maintenance

Compared to other materials, fiberglass doors will require the least amount of maintenance because they are created to withstand elements such as cold temperatures, moisture and harsh UV rays. With a fiberglass entry door, you can avoid having to deal with rotting, rusting or warping and keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times of the year. There is no doubt that fiberglass will outlast other types of doors such as steel or wood.

In addition to their exceptional durability, fiberglass doors are also very low-maintenance. You will never have to worry about cracking, chipping or fading of material. Fiberglass is built to last long, and will not require any yearly finishing or retouching in efforts to stay in the best condition. With a fiberglass entry door, homeowners will have the luxury of saving on energy as well as maintenance costs.

3. Fiberglass Doors are Available in Versatile Styles

Every home has its own unique style and personality. A front door can make or break a home’s design, so it’s important to consider one that will make a statement. Fiberglass entry doors are not only incredibly practical for a variety of reasons, they also offer a broad selection of designs that will help homeowners establish their ideal home style.

There are many homeowners that lean towards wooden doors simply for the classic appearance and design. For those who prefer a traditional look, there are authentic woodgrain textured fiberglass doors that resemble the authentic appearance and feel of a wooden door without having to worry about the upkeep of actual wood. You also have the option to add windows or glass panels for a more modern and clean display.

blue fiberglass entry door

4. Fiberglass Entry Doors Offer Security

When it comes to front doors, security is at the top of many homeowner’s lists. It’s important to know that your front door is as secure as possible for peace of mind. Due to the resilience of fiberglass, these entry doors will provide you extra security and protection for your home. Not only will fiberglass guard your home from outside elements, they also provide top security from unwanted intruders.

Fiberglass doors are made of solid construction that creates a fully secure boundary from the outside. Numerous glass fibers run together within a plastic structure making a fiberglass entry door shatterproof and nearly impossible to break through except from extreme impact. In addition to the layers of fiberglass that make up the door, there are also sheets of solid insulation between each layer to further the door’s strength and durability. This type of layering makes fiberglass doors thicker than they appear without taking away from the simple aesthetic.

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